-retro aesthetics on your wrist-


Indicators from 1980s

Retro LED segments made of gallium arsenide and all this is filled with a red resin. The indicator feet are gold-plated. All this makes them a unique example of the engineering genius of the 1980s. 



Precision milled body

Time Red watch is manufactured from single piece of 2024 Aluminum on a Haas UMS-500 (USA) milling machine with the highest precision in detail processing. 



Attention to details

Each watch is laser engraved using a Meetoptics (GERMANY) fiber laser. You can customize the engraving.

  • Great aesthetics

    “I really love how they feel. The watch is made in very high quality.” – John S.

  • Awesome battery

    "I've been using the watch for two months and have charged it once.” – Jefferson K.

  • Unique style

    "I feel like I'm traveling back in time when I wear this watch.” – Glauco L.

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-features in a retro wrap -


Case and strap colors

The watch is made in two colors. The body is hand polished by an experienced craftsman or anodized in deep black color. You can choose strap (22mm) too.


Sapphire Glass

The glass of the TimeRed watch is a high-quality sapphire crystal manufactured in Switzerland. It is known for its exceptional scratch resistance, second only to diamond in terms of hardness. This material provides excellent visibility and durability.


Water resist

The TimeRed watch is protected from dust and water according to the IP67 standard, so you can dip it under water or use it in the rain.


Laser engraving

The TimeRed watch can be customized with laser engraving. You can make your watch truly unique by laser etching your own text onto it.


Why is this watch unique?

"The main difference between Time Red and modern analogs is authenticity. We use original 1980s indicators not only adds to the charm of the watch but also makes each piece unique." - RedCo